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The Stella Fro' Crochet Wig is the embodiment of 'Big Hair, Don't Care.'

Our hair is big but light and is exactly what you need for a head-turning afro protective style. 



  • Available in two different lengths
  • Crochet wig
  • Anti-slip band with combs is made of silicone
  • Made with 100% Kanekalon
  • Full, bouncy, and ultra-lightweight
  • Mimics and matches your 4b/4c curls and coils
  • Anti-slip band and combs for extra security



  • Don't use a brush on this hair; instead, fluff and tuck with your fingers. 
  • Do not apply any leave-in conditioners, hair oil, gel, or reviving mousse. The older it gets, the more natural it looks. 
  • Trim split ends only when necessary. 
  • Leave to air dry on a wig head (blockhead or styrofoam). Please don't wash the hair. 
  • The wig should be on a styrofoam head, blockhead, or wig head when you are not wearing it. If you don't have any of these, use a big lightweight hair net to store the hair. This can also help to avoid any smells. 



Stella Fro'

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