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Stella Damasus started her speaking career in 1999 at the age of 21, and has had the opportunity to speak to almost 10 million people at over 200 events. She has spoken at The World Bank (USA), Aljazeera (USA), Kenessaw State University (USA), Goethe Institute (Nigeria), Lagos Business School (Nigeria) , World Food Program (Liberia), Women 4 Africa (UK), Nigerian Fashion Show (Nigeria), Queens College Youth Seminar (Nigeria), Globally Igniting Africa (USA), Screen Icon Workshop (USA), Success view point (USA), 

SHE IGNITES SHE INSPIRES (USA), ADIVA Mentoring (Nigeria, Cameroon, USA), MTN Foundation (Nigeria), PROJECT ALERT: VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN (Nigeria), TAVA Awards (Nigeria), Amstel Malta Box Office (Nigeria), Diamond Bank Product Launch (Nigeria), Lolo Comedy Show (Nigeria), Shades of comedy (Nigeria), Rhythm unplugged (Nigeria), AY LIVE (Nigeria) and more. 

Her experience and prowess in the Entertainment Industry provided her with the opportunity to speak at these amazing places, however her topics are not limited to just entertainment but also Leadership, Women's Rights, Girl Child Education and Emotional Intelligence.

VIDEO REEL FROM: Women 4 Africa, Success View Point Seminar, & The World Bank

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